Fibre cement cyclorama.
(Attaching nails or spilling liquids are not permitted).
Main entrance:
Width 4 m. x height 5,30 m.
Drive-in vehicle access to studio.
Electrical power: 80 kW.
Heating system: 125 kcal/hr.
Supplementary lighting equipment:
Overhead rail system with 2 125×200 cm Hazylights, remotely adjustable in any position.
kW power per unit: 10 kW.
Special features
Infrared remote-control ceiling: 10 m x 10 m (100m2).

Overall dimensions

Length 20,9 m. x width 13,21 m. x height 6,15 m.
U-shaped cyclorama:
Length 11,20 m. x width 10,54 m. x height 6,15 m.
With continuous left-right elliptic curve.